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Ignoring Gravity
since 1969
Don Aronow, a passionate racer and businessman from New York, founds Cigarette Racing Team on 188th St. in South Florida, what became known as Thunderboat Row.
Some notable owners included Sultan of Johor, King Juan Carlos of Spain, George Bush (Sr.) of the United States, Sultan of Brunei, King Hussein of Jordan, the Price of Kuwait, Princess Caroline of Monaco, the King of Sweden. Many of these originals are still kept within the families as royal heirlooms or in museums. Cigarette’s were raced by passionate performance enthusiasts such as Rocky Aoki, of Benihana fame, and Roger Penksi.
The pleasure performance lines of Cigarette are expanded, launching the original famous models such as the Firefox, the Top Gun, and the Cafe Racer. Miami Vice, which ran from 1984 to 1990, makes Cigarette a household name. In 1987, Don Aronow is assassinated on 188th Street - the very Thunderboat Row he had created. The lure of his death is something that as spurred multiple books and numerous news and magazine articles.
Cigarette’s legacy continues to grow through its pleasure and racing heritage. Popular models such as the 46’ Rough Rider and the 42’ Revolution and 42’ Tiger are introduced.
Cigarette continues to permeate the docks of collectors and performance aficionados, but falls on hard times as it passes through many owners. Entering the millennium, the fate of Cigarette looks challenging - it might be the end.
The millennia proved to be a new beginning for Cigarette, as Skip Braver purchased the failing company. His goal: to renew the foundation of Cigarette: performance and luxury.
Cigarette begins to form technology partnerships and fortifies it’s engineering department. The popular center console lines begin development as it’s performance lines win awards worldwide.
The 2010s prove to be explosive for Cigarette, as alliances are formed with global brands and technology sharing programs begin. The 10s were the decade of the center consoles, as Cigarette integrated its stepped deep vee technology to make high performance vessels that offered more convenience features. Cigarette’s internal _Labs program begins, to incubate new technologies.
Cigarette Racing garners the loyalty.