Lorow Departing Cigarette Racing Team
Bud Lorow’s, long-time employee of Cigarette and prolific boat builder, retirement is upon us. It’s a date we anticipated, but certainly one very meaningful - as it marks not only a long time boat building expert departing, but also a friend.
Bud has been involved with Cigarette’s since his teen years, when he began working on open class race boats, many of which were Cigarette’s. He honed his skills as a mechanic and rigger, and by the 80s he was a ride along mechanic and navigator in open class race boats. He flew around the world and was integral in race operations. His career formed along the famed Thunderboat Row, the historical site of boat manufacturers, racers, rig shops and marinas. By the mid-80s, Bud was building engines at Hawk Marine Power, a company that built the high powered engines for Cigarette at the time. In the late 80s, Bud began performing the sea trials for Hawk powerplants that were rigged into Cigarettes. Any Cigarette with Hawk power, Bud sea trialed.
In 1999, Bud joined Cigarette Racing Team full time as the customer service manager. In the decades that followed, he advanced into VP of Manufacturing. During Bud’s time at Cigarette, he was involved in nearly every project, from twin step vee bottom model development to the successful expansion into center consoles. There is not a Cigarette produced today which doesn’t have a piece of Bud’s expertise and technical prowess within it. He is a true encyclopedia of boat building knowledge. Bud is a skilled researcher, with the ability to skip from discipline to discipline and tie them all together into truly remarkable product.
When Skip Braver began running Cigarette in 2001, he immediately recognized Bud’s talent. “Looking back on it, I really believe Bud Lorow is as important to Cigarette Racing Team’s story as Don Aronow is” says Skip Braver. “He’s really a piece of the Cigarette brand. It would be impossible to tell the Cigarette story without him in it. I’m going to miss him. He’s a great friend.”
Cigarette Racing Team wishes Bud a well-deserved and restful retirement. He’ll be missed, but we loved the time together.
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